Micro Twin Screw Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Feeder Model C/S-LW-S25
Feed Rates 2-10 L/h
Materials Fed Pellet ≤¢3mm, free flowing powder, Free /Poor flowing powder etc.
Straight Hopper 5L

Specially designed for high-accuracy low-rate feeding for free flowing and difficult powder materials, including lumpy and cohesive materials

All Colormax Systems Micro Feeder material contact parts are made of stainless steel. The special design of the feeder base and horizontal agitator improves material fill of the screw flights. A DC motor is used for accurate control of screw speed. The feeder is capable of feeding at very low rates of 2-10L/hr.

High Precision Weighing Technology

Colormax Systems brings high-accuracy weighing technology to value-priced gravimetric feeders. The micro twin screw feeder is mounted on a low capacity scale, which uses a high speed and highly accurate load cell. The scale material is stainless steel and is completely enclosed in a stainless steel housing.

Feeder weigh modules provide split-second, high-precision weighing in the milligram range and are designed for harsh industrial environments.

Superior Gravimetric Feeder Controls

With software developed by our international parent company, the Colormax Systems Micro Twin Screw Feeder provides low rate loss-in-weight feeding with consistent, accurate, reliable and repeatable results. The gravimetric controller and operation interface allow for individual unit and recipe control. Each feeder has its own control board. Connection between control boards and operation interface is supported by industrial protocol.