Type Receiver Volume / Discharge Valve Conveying
SWP10 – FP – 150 9.5 dm3   Flap valve, pneumatic, Φ150mm 600 kg/hr
SWP10 – BV – 100 7.3 dm3     Buttery valve, Φ100mm 400 kg/hr
SWP10 – BV – 150 7.3 dm3   Buttery valve, Φ150mm 400 kg/hr
SWP30 – FP – 150 27.6 dm3 Flap valve, pneumatic,  Φ150mm 1000 kg/hr
SWP30 – FP – 300 27.6 dm3 Flap valve, pneumatic,  Φ300mm 1800 kg/hr
SWP30 – BV – 150 26.4 dmButtery valve,  Φ150mm 1000 kg/hr
SWP100 – FP – 300 96.2 dm3 Flap valve, pneumatic,  Φ300mm 4000 kg/hr
SWP100 – BV – 200 90.2 dm3 Buttery valve,  Φ200mm 3600 kg/hr
* Convey rates may vary pending on product characteristics and conveying distance

SWP Series – for sanitary material handling solutions

Poor flowing powder? Fragile products?

The SWP-Series provides a custom solution for difficult conveying applications. The sanitary design is perfect for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Special options are available for pharmaceutical applications such as spray balls.

Main design features include modular construction, steep cone angles to ensure excellent discharge and band clamps for quick disassembly. The polyester cartridge filter is equipped with automatic reverse jet pulsing for thorough cleaning.

Material conveying principle – Pneumatic, vacuum, dilute phase and dense phase conveying

Materials handled – Ability to handle a wide range of free and poor flowing powders as well as friable materials.

Conveying rates – Up to or 4,000 kg/hr on a batch basis.

Certification • Hazardous area models available for NEC North American as well as ATEX standards • Validation available