Weighing and Scaling Systems

A continuous vacuum or pressure system can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your major, minor and micro ingredient handling.  Maximum system performance is achieved by taking into consideration factors such as plant layout, material delivery, material characteristics, batch size and the required conveying rates. System controls can include recipe, formula and inventory capabilities.  Materials of construction include stainless steel for sensitive or sanitary applications as well as epoxy-coated carbon steel or aluminum for general applications.

Loss-in-Weight Feeder Refill

Series SW2400 and SWP-Series vacuum receivers and loaders can be used to refill feeders used in continuous or batch applications. A number of outlet designs and discharge valves are available depending on the application.

Batch Weighing

A receiver is mounted on load cells to allow each batch to be “check-weighed” before processing, minimizing material waste and “off-spec” products. Self-cleaning filter media eliminates product carryover and provides a cleaner process area.

Scale Hoppers (Vacuum or Pressure)

Material can be delivered to the scale hoppers by a closed-loop Aeropass system, filter receivers, cyclones or screw feeders. When a receiver is used, an Aerolock meters material into the scale hopper
until the set point is reached.

Filter Receiver Scaling (Vacuum or Pressure)

Material is conveyed to a filter receiver mounted on load cells. The receiver’s self-cleaning filter media separates the material from the conveying air, eliminating product carryover and providing a cleaner process area.