Control system

Designed to control weigh belt feeders and loss-in-weight feeders in continuous and batch processes

Our Colormax Systems Feeder Controller Software is easily switched between continuous and batch mode functions. With the control software and hardware developed by our international parent company, our feeder controls represent a major advance over older PLC based control systems and completely eliminate the hysteresis experienced with less robust control technology.

Our controller’s proprietary feeder algorithms provide for greater loss-in-weight feeding accuracy and improved low rate feeding. Process variables are continually adjusted to assure the desired performance.

Sample times of less than one second provide constant monitoring of the process results. Programmable alarms allow the user to adapt the system for changes in the process. A built in trending function allows for display of prior performance.

Single Feeder and Multi-Feeder Controls

The on-machine Colormax Systems CSCM controller combines the function of motor drive and feeder control in a compact package. The CSHMI supports recipe storage and recall and provides greater operational flexibility. The multi-feeder user interface provides for control and display of up to 16 feeders on a line and supports communication with a host DCS system.

The real-time weight signal is passed to the CSCM controller by weighing sensor. Then the controller converts the analog weight signal to the digital one. After this, the real-time flow value is calculated by the controller. The controller outputs the speed signal (4-20mA analog signal) through its internal algorithm to control the actual flow.

Through MODBUS RTU communication protocol, CSCM controller can communicate with PL system, upper pc, DCS systems etc. at customers’ side, and realize the integrated remote control and monitor for large operation space. The improved automation hence helps reduce labor force, and increase economic benefit for businesses.