Belt Feeders

Model WBF-300
Feed rates 20-20,000 kg/hr.
Inlet Gate Width 75 mm, 150 mm, 230 mm
Materials Fed free-flowing pellets, granules, powders, fibers, friable materials

Designed for continuous controlled gravimetric feeding of bulk materials, gravimetric batch feeding, and continuous metering of bulk material flow

The gravimetric Colormax Systems Weigh Belt Feeders can be widely applied to various industries such as pellet making, BOPP film, chemical industry, detergent, food and pet food. It can operate at a wide range of flow rates and is able to feed or meter many different materials with high accuracy. The compact design and the enclosed unit create a clean, safe and low noise working environment.

The conveyor frame is removable on a telescopic support structure from the stainless steel housing. Gasketed side and top covers include full length windows and, when mounted, provide for a dust tight enclosure.

High Precision Weighing Technology

Colormax Systems brings high-accuracy weighing technology to its value-priced weigh belt feeders. The sophisticated load cell provides split-second, high-precision weighing in the milligram range and is specially designed for harsh industrial environments.

High Accuracy Weigh Feeder Control

With advanced micro-processor control technology developed by our international R&D department, the Colormax Systems Weigh Belt Feeder delivers precise material flow to industrial processes. The Colormax Systems controller has totally eliminated the hysteresis of the PLC control system.

Functionally, the controller supports the Modbus host communication protocol and provides communication with the operation interface. It supports both batch and continuous applications.