With over half century’s material handling experience from parent company Coperion Ktron, Colormax Systems (Wuxi) is engaged in designing and manufacturing integrated bulk material conveying and weighing systems, and help customers realize continuous automated operation and formula control. At Chinaplas 2016 which will be held in SNIEC from Apr 25 to Apr 28, Colormax Systems will present most core products of its integrated conveying system, which includes: vacuum receiver, loss-in-weight feeder, micro LIW feeder, vibration feeder and liquid feeder etc. The design of these core products is based on the charateristics of various raw materials, and target at helping automated production of different final products to reach maximum productivity and minimum material waste. The additional advantages includes the dust control of operation environment, precise control of formula, the stability of quality control, and the effective control of labor and material cost.

A special introduction will be the recent updated CSMC control card. It is upgraded with the new generation chip microprocessor and sensor signal protection components, which ensures a faster computing speed, stronger anti-disruption ability and stabler communication. Meanwhile, due to the increasing control addresses, input and output points for analog signals, and a USB socket, HMI double its ability to  control the feeders from 8 units to 16 units; the setting and storage of remote data becomes more convenient.

As mentioned in previous post, Wuxi Process Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has been renamed PEG (Wuxi) Manufacturing Co.,Ltd at the beginning of March. It will the first time that Colormax Systems participate in this largest Plastics & Rubber event in Asia under our new name. We will focus on integrating and optimizing our group resources, and provide better products and services to our Chinese customers.